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(excepto días festivos) para recibirlos el mismo día.

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Limited-time offer for new res. Fios is not available at your location right now, but Verizon High Speed Internet is! Compra por Internet o a través de My Verizon app y obtén tus pedidos rápido. Recógelo en la tienda o fuera de ella: Los pedidos deben realizarse antes de las 5 p.m., de lun.

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If you're considering the service, see what problems, issues, and trouble other Verizon FiOS users have reported before Comprueba si el servicio de Verizon Fios está caído o si solo eres tú.

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You say you should be getting 1.3 Mbps and the speed test that you run says you are  Re: Verizon Fios Problem. Heck, my satellite connection out here in the middle of no where has 50% of that speed. Starting now, Verizon customers on capped data plans don't have to worry about their data usage when streaming via the Fios app. That means on-demand, recorded, and live streaming broadcasts don't count against your data cap. You may need to download the Verizon Wireless and Fios customers can score up to $20 off their monthly phone bill by combining plans! Through April 1st, Verizon customers who sign up for new Fios internet service can score up to a $100 Visa Prepaid card & get Disney+ for 12 months!

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Your experience matters. I have been with Verizon Fios since 2011-2012 when they first came to my area. When they actually cared about what they were selling Talk:Verizon Fios. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hello, the url listed as Verizon Fios' official website in External links is actually the url of an outdated third-party retailer (fios.verizon.com). Verizon Fios carries more than 425 channels, The Washington Times noted. BlazeTV currently advertises 27 shows, with a promise of more to come.

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There is a search function on the Verizon set top box to find out when and what channel those programs are on. ESPN sued Verizon, alleging the telecom’s new FiOS TV packages breach a contract covering distribution. Sports network says new FiOS TV packages breach distribution contract. Switch from cable to Verizon Fios in your New Jersey home. Call to get Fios — High Speed Internet and channel variety that cable can't match.